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It is my cock now

When you are my slave, I own all of you, including your cock. No cumming without permission and it my toy now to play with, I like to play hard. ...

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Susie gets fucked

Susie is such a slut she can't get enough cock inside her. Goddess Asha and Mistress BonBon are happy to give her the fucking of a lifetime. ...

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Happy birthday sun, mummy is ready for you

Do you remember 18 years ago when you sucked the milk out of mummy's titties? I have a special birthday present for you, you can put your lips around my nipple again just like you old times. Don't worry daddy doesn't mind, he is my chastity slave...

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Caned by Goddess Asha

Goddess Asha has a strick training program for her slaves. Regular caning are part of ensuring that her new boy knows who is boss. ...

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Joris his stocking fetish

He is always looking at my legs when I wear stockings but today I catch him playing with them. I don't mind I love boys with a fetish they are so easy to control....

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Maid Anna Milked

I always keep Maid Annas clit in chastity but now and then when she served me well I am kind and she gets a milking. Teased with my beautiful curves she never last long and soon her clits looks like it will explode. Of course I her...

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