Black Mistresses


Black Mistress

Angel Vampire

Twitter: @sabinealterego

About Me

I’m Mistress Angel Vampire, your dream cum true, very strict but open minded and non-judgmental Ebony Goddess who demands to be treated as such. In my vanilla life, I’m a sophisticated, successful, entertainment personality, who is educated, speaks several languages, and loves to enjoy the finest things that life has to offer. Yes, I can be very picky when it comes to the servants I own, in my world they need to excel and be above average also they have to prove to be worthy of my time because I deserve only the best. Be aware that I priorities submissive who are successful in their vanilla life and that knows how to treat and worship a Superior Goddess. So you need to be generous, obedient (not negotiable) and act with good manners. What I’m NOT looking for: someone who is cheap/broke, a drama queen, disrespectful or dominant in nature as I’m in no way submissive. Remember that when you enter my Queendom you are expected to entertain me and obey my every demands like a well behave servant. Any wrong doing will result in great punishment or a life ban depending on the offense.