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Black Mistresses

Playing with the caged slave

He is locked in the cage and can’t move at all. The perfect position the tease and torture him. His balls are just hanging there ready to be zapped by us. So much fun seeing his efforts to get away, but nowhere to go :) -=Madame...

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Double facesitting the slave girl

Mistress Gaia owns a beautiful hot slave girl. She loves a facesitting session with her Mistress but will she be able to handel both of us? Watch me slowing lowering loweing my beautiful black ass on her pretyy face! -=Madame Caramel =- [jwplayer mediaid="3156"] ...

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Worship my beautiful feet

He jumps when I click my fingers, when I show him my feet he starts dripping. My beauty is just to much for his little brain. I love teasing him with my feet. He is so pathetic. -=Mistress Liberty=- [jwplayer mediaid="3153"] ...

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Frustrated in chastity

I know that my boy can’t control his pathetic cock when I am dressed in leathers. I helped him to control locking him in Chastity. I get so hot seeing him frustrated and in pain. The nipple clamps are biting in his tender nipples the electrics...

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A good strap-on fucking for the slut.

I love the moment when my big black cock enters his pussy. His eyes go open and begs for more. He is such a slut and I love giving it to him. -= Miss Deviant =- [jwplayer mediaid="3135"]...

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Double Dutch, Double Pleasure for me

My slaves always give me gifts. This time he bought a very severe strap from London Tanners. Of course I had to test it on him. I am sure his is sorry now but I love to hear his screams. -=Madame Caramel=- [jwplayer mediaid="3132"]...

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Whipping the caged monkey

Together with Mistress Gaia I let my whip crack on this caged little monkey. The harder he screams, the more aroused I get the more I want to whip him… -=Madame Caramel=- [jwplayer mediaid="3129"]...

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A special Milking

This slave was begging us to be allowed to cum. Because we are very kind we allowed him to cum of course in our own special way! Watch the movie and see him humiliating himself. -=Madame Caramel=- [jwplayer mediaid="3126"]...

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Maid Anna Rewarded

After she cleaned the house cooked lunch for me. I was very pleased with her. So it was time to reward her with hitachi wand against her always locked clit. You see I can be very kind. -= Madame Caramel =- [jwplayer mediaid="3122"] ...

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